5 Eco-Friendly Winter Coats For Men

eco-friendly winter coats for men

The cold weather is here and it’s time to bundle up. But when you reach for your coat are you aware of the impact it has had on the environment during the making process? Not many people do. What people don’t know is that the fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters in the world. But not to worry because we have you covered. We have found 5 eco-friendly winter coats made for men by companies that are recycling, watching their water waste, and shrinking their carbon footprint.

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    Eco-Friendly Material

    The North Face Men’s Aconcagua 2 Hoodie

    This lightweight puffer offers a serious green option for some. The body is made of 100% recycled polyester with non-PFC durable water-repellent that ensures to make you feel good about where you are putting your money. The insulation offers 200 g Heatseeker Eco 70% post-consumer recycled polyester in hood, yoke, underarms, and pockets.

    That makes not only will you keep warm in this eco-friendly puffer jacket, but it passes the test of ethics when it comes to materials. While the down in the body is made of 550 fill goose, it is certified to the Responsible Down Standard. This eco-friendly men’s jacket allows you to feel happy about the environmental impact you have while buying it.

    Not only will you feel clean about this purchase, but you will also look clean. This fashionable slim fit comes in two color choices, summit gold, and new taupe green. It is designed for backcountry performance and everyday style, giving you the diversity to go about your life without second-guessing your coat choices.

    The materials help prevent moisture build-up and keeps you warm without feeling like you added an extra ten pounds to your body. The exposed reverse coil pockets can give you the ability to move freely without the fear of losing your possessions.

    Allergen-free and Earth Friendly

    Klattermusen Men’s Einride Jacket

    Looking for an allergen-friendly, eco-conscious jacket for this winter? Look no further. This shell jacket is made of 100% organic cotton. With completely sustainable and hypoallergenic material, you are sure to feel at peace with this purchase as well as healthy while wearing it. This jacket is breathable and waterproof, allowing you to be ready for any adventure to come your way.

    The long densely-woven cotton fibers of the EtaProof® fabric in this garment swell when they are exposed to moisture so that the fabric can withstand lighter rain and snow without compromising on breathability.

    Elastic cords at the wrists function as thumb holds to keep the sleeve in place and form a protective seal against wind and heat loss. It features an easy one-handed hood adjustment, so no matter what you are doing you will be able to have optimal safety and comfort.

    There is an internal storm slap under the zipper so your things won’t get lost in the vast nature that this jacket is able to protect you from. You will be mountain ready in this jacket, as the hood fits over a helmet without loss of function or protective qualities. The 3D- adjustable hood is constructed to follow all your movements closely so as to not obstruct your field of vision.

    Recycled for casual use

    Nau Men’s Utility Wool Down Jacket

    Not everyone is climbing mountains on the regular, which brings us to a third eco-friendly winter coat for men that is for everyday use of the urban commuter. Nau Men’s utility wool down jacket combines sustainability and style at the highest level. This eco-friendly men’s down jacket features a 70% Recycled Wool, 25% Recycled Polyester shell. This translates to providing an almost non-existent ecological footprint for this jacket.

    With a 700 Fill power recycled down, it is sustainable, fashionable and functionable. Coming in a classic heather grey color, the look of this jacket provides a classy casual look that would make you look chic and stylish in any crowd.

    Nau has an extensive history of creating some of the most sustainable fashion endeavors. They live by the 10 most sustainable textiles to make the world’s most durable, timeless performance wear.

    They passionately educate about eco-friendly fashion and the combination of performance wear with sustainable methods. With a powerful down, drawcord hem, and internal elastic cuffs, you are sure to stay toasty warm all winter long in this jacket.

    Recycled and ethical? Yes please!

    Burton Men’s Dunmore Jacket

    Burton is one of the best brands out there when it comes to sustainability. Their business model is set to the standard that they cannot be successful as a business if they are not sustainable. They are a B Corp™, meaning they are certified that they are committed to being a force for good on all fronts: environmental, social, and beyond. They were also accredited by the Fair Labor Association, showing they are committed to fair labor and provide 100% safe and healthy work environments.

    This jacket falls no less than these standards, as it is made from recycled materials. It is perfect for the slopes, or any other recreation activity given its breathable material and various layers of protection. Featuring DryRide shell construction, this jacket provides waterproof protection without feeling all crinkly and uncomfortable.

    A lightweight dose of synthetic Thermolite insulation offers reliable warmth, and you have pit zips to cool off if you build up a little too much steam. The dynamic Living Lining helps regulate your temperature in all conditions by constricting micropores to trap heat when it is cold and expanding them to dump excess heat when you are warm.

    With critically taped seams, gusseted snowproof cuffs, and removable bonded jacquard waffle contour hood with corduroy collar- you are sure to be kept warm and dry with any adventure you embark on while wearing this.

    No Animals, No Problem 

    Carhartt Men’s Yukon Extremes Insulated Parka

    Carhart is known for its durable, warm clothing. Their eco-friendly options are less known but are definitely underrated. Carhartt Men’s Yukon Extremes Insulated Parka strays away from using animal products to create warmth.

    Instead, they utilize a 700-Fill featherless down insulation that provides intense warmth, even for the toughest outdoor jobs. It also features a faux fur hood that is able to detach. It has Wind Fighter technology that tames the wind and Rain Defender durable water repellent (DWR) to keep dry.

    With hook and loop sleeve pocket, two lower-front hook and loop pockets with side zips, back zip pocket, and inner zip and hook and loop pocket- it is versatile for any new activity you might be heading towards.

    Eco-Friendly Winter Coats For Men

    These are some of the best brands out there today working hard to deliver eco-friendly winter coats for men and for women. These brands are trusted organizations that are making a difference in this world for our environment. We hope you can shop easy knowing these brands are here for you. If you are looking for eco-friendly winter jackets for women then please check out our blog.

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