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How Alexa’s Skills will Make You Eco Conscious

Alexa’s Skills will make you more eco conscious, and I will tell you how.   Since the boom of the Internet of Things, technology is growing faster than ever. While this is exciting and down right awesome, we must keep in mind the footprint we are leaving behind with all of these devices. Overall the…

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Environmentally Friendly Technology: Samsung SmartThings Hub

Shop This Item on Amazon Environmentally Friendly Technology Samsung SmartThings Hub If you want your house to be smart, then it needs a brain. So take a trip to the wizard and get yourself a Samsung SmartThings Hub. This piece of environmentally friendly technology is a great addition to anyones smart house. The Samsung SmartThings…

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12 Unique and Sustainable Gifts

Sustainable Gift

With the holidays around the corner and birthdays popping up left and right,  finding sustainable gifts that truly make the ones we love happy can be a difficult task.  Alas we, at The Mindful Merchants, have come up with a list of 12 Unique and Sustainable Gifts for the “big kids” in our lives. After…

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Go Back to School with Eco Friendly School Supplies!

Whether you’re a student or a parent, going back to school is an exciting and busy time. We at The Mindful Merchants know just how important it is to be prepared for the upcoming school year. This list of eco friendly school supplies will not only get you stocked up on high quality and affordable…

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