Eco Living: Eco Friendly Products for Healthy Living

Sustainable Gift

12 Unique and Sustainable Gifts

By Kevin O'Connell | December 7, 2016

With the holidays around the corner and birthdays popping up left and right,  finding sustainable gifts that truly make the ones we love happy can be a difficult task.  Alas we, at The Mindful Merchants, have come up with a list of 12 Unique and Sustainable Gifts for the “big kids” in our lives. After…

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11 Sustainable Gift Ideas for Kids

By Natasha Evans | November 27, 2016

Whether it’s for a holiday, a birthday or just because you love them, this following list of 11 sustainable gift ideas will help you buy the kids in your life presents that are both educational and eco-friendly. In no particular order, our choices for this blog include puzzles, bath toys, dolls, building blocks, and more, aimed to please kids…

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Healthy Thanksgiving Sides & Ingredients

By Natasha Evans | November 10, 2016

While we prefer food made from scratch using organic, local ingredients, we understand that not everyone is a culinary master, or has access to every ingredient they want at their Thanksgiving table at a farmer’s market. So, we at the Mindful Merchants, are bringing you a list to help create some of your favorite healthy…

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Bring Back Trick-or-Treating with Healthy Halloween Treats

By Natasha Evans | September 29, 2016

As you walk down the street, orange and purple lights twinkle in the dark and spooky music fills the air. Pumpkins carved craftily into faces line the walkways to houses equipped with rocking chairs filled with your neighbors dressed up as ghouls. You reach into the bowl in front of the door and pull out a sweet treat.…

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Eco Living

Soul Flowers’ Eco-Friendly Products have Style, Class, and Love

By Kevin | September 25, 2016

Soul Flowers’ Eco-Friendly Products are made with love Today we are going to give a shout out to an awesome company that has been spreading the love for years with their eco-friendly products. Soul Flower was founded by Mike and Peggy in 1999 as a way to promote peace, positivity and an eco-friendly life. In…

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Ethically Sourced Men’s Clothing

By Kevin | September 2, 2016

As a man who shops for ethically sourced men’s clothing I know that it is hard to find clothing that is a.) at a reasonable price and b.) made in a safe environment. Eco friendly shopping can be very difficult and let’s face it, if you want to shop consignment you have more luck finding…

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An Environmentally Friendly Way of Life

How to Start Your Eco Living

Eco Living, Environmentally Friendly, Eco-Friendly Clothing

Eco Friendly Apparel is one of our top products. Since wearing clothes is something we all do, we have researched this quite a bit. Everybody is looking for affordable, organic, guilt free clothing. The days of feeling like your options are limited are over. We use products from PACT, Alternative, Soul Flower, and many more.
It is important that what you put on your  body is the best of the best. We also know that sometimes the best of the best looks like the most expensive. But at The Mindful Merchants, we don't feel like the two always have to go hand and hand. We are constantly searching around the web for the best shops selling the best products that are affordable. We have selected a number of brands that are the following things: eco friendly, locally made, no sweat shops, organic cotton, low water dyes, among other things!  For a review of Eco Friendly Mens' Clothing Click here.


Eco Living Groceries

Groceries are the number one thing that people are concerned about. We all want to know, what are we putting into our bodies? The more and more we look the more we see chemicals in paper towels, chemicals in fruits and vegetables,  dyes in snacks, and the list goes on. It is amazing how many unnecessary things are put into everyday products for what? Either way there are many companies that are creating these same products without all the chemicals. The Mindful Merchants have listed a bunch of our favorite groceries and brands that have joined in the fight against GMO's.

Eco Living, Environmentally Friendly Solar Powered Products

Solar Power
Solar Power is the wave of the future, literally. As costs for heat and electricity go up, and wars over oil and other fossil fuels wage on, the idea of solar power becomes more and more appealing. Everything that we need to heat our home we can get from the sun. At The Mindful Merchants, we have found quite a few portable and easy to use home installation solar devices. We more we can save using solar the better for the environment.


Eco Living, Environmentally Friendly Bags and Accessories

Bags and Accessories
Travel is a wonderful thing. It is great for the soul and necessary to get to the places you want to be. An important part of travel is the bags and accessories you use to get there. From laptop bags to lunch bags, at the Mindful Merchants we have searched through and through to find the greatest bags and accessories out there.

Eco Living Environmentally Friendly Office Supplies

Office Supplies

Something that is probably over looked is the way our everyday office supplies are manufatured. Many products are made using nasty chemicals, and non healthy dyes. Well there is some good news, and there is also some surprising news. First the good new, The Mindful Merchants have thought about all the nasty products out there for office supplies and have decided to do some research. The surprising news is that some of the products we found are very popular products! Along with companies like Onyx and Blue we have discovered that Elmers Glue is Eco Friendly as well as Krazy Glue! Check out our blog to learn more about great eco friendly office supplies!



Eco Living

Eco Living: Eco Friendly Products for Healthy Living

We know that giving your family the best is important to you. We also know that researching these products takes a lot of time. Eco living is not an easy task but at The Mindful Merchants, we look for companies that care as much as we do about their customers and the planet. We do the research so you don’t have to. Our aim is to bring you the best of the best. Best in quality, best in price, best for the Earth. Because at the end of your shopping experience, we want to ensure you’ll get the best products for yourself and your family. When you browse our website, you’ll find an array of products from manufacturers who strive to make their goods humane and natural, because that, to us, is what good really means.  In addition to great products, we give you thoughtful reviews on our favorites. Come on in and take a look! *In order to keep transparency, we would like to inform you that The Mindful Merchants is an associate of amazon. Anything that you purchase from this website will give us a small commission. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.