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Healthy Thanksgiving Sides & Ingredients

While we prefer food made from scratch using organic, local ingredients, we understand that not everyone is a culinary master, or has access to every ingredient they want at their Thanksgiving table at a farmer’s market. So, we at the Mindful Merchants, are bringing you a list to help create some of your favorite healthy…

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100 Eco-Friendly Products for the Home

eco-friendly products for the home

Eco-Friendly Products for the Home Eco-Friendly Products for the home are becoming more and more desirable. Nowadays companies are starting sustainable practices to help lessen their carbon footprint. Although these companies are out there, you may not have the time to do the research. That is why The Mindful Merchants have decided to make this…

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About Us

Hello, and welcome to The Mindful Merchants. We are a company that is dedicated to finding the best products for you and your family. The products we promote fall into at least 3 of the following categories: Eco Friendly Made From Recycled Material Vegan Gluten Free Cruelty Free BPA Free Non GMO Fair Trade Made…

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Is Red Tea on The Detox Diet Menu?

When I worked at a vegan cafe´, people would ask me about juice diets and cleanses. The question was always “how do I purify my body, and lose weight?” and the answer was detox diet. But what is a detox diet? Well: Detox is short for detoxification. This is the body’s natural, ongoing process of…

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How Alexa’s Skills will Make You Eco Conscious

Alexa’s Skills will make you more eco conscious, and I will tell you how.   Since the boom of the Internet of Things, technology is growing faster than ever. While this is exciting and down right awesome, we must keep in mind the footprint we are leaving behind with all of these devices. Overall the…

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Environmentally Friendly Technology: Samsung SmartThings Hub

Shop This Item on Amazon Environmentally Friendly Technology Samsung SmartThings Hub If you want your house to be smart, then it needs a brain. So take a trip to the wizard and get yourself a Samsung SmartThings Hub. This piece of environmentally friendly technology is a great addition to anyones smart house. The Samsung SmartThings…

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12 of the Best Sustainable Gifts for 2018

Sustainable Gift

With the holidays around the corner and birthdays popping up left and right,  finding sustainable gifts that truly make the ones we love happy can be a difficult task.  Alas we, at The Mindful Merchants, have come up with a list of 12 of the most Unique and  Best Sustainable Gifts for 2018. After all,…

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11 Sustainable Gift Ideas for Kids

Whether it’s for a holiday, a birthday or just because you love them, this following list of 11 sustainable gift ideas will help you buy the kids in your life presents that are both educational and eco-friendly. In no particular order, our choices for this blog include puzzles, bath toys, dolls, building blocks, and more, aimed to please kids…

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Bring Back Trick-or-Treating with Healthy Halloween Treats

As you walk down the street, orange and purple lights twinkle in the dark and spooky music fills the air. Pumpkins carved craftily into faces line the walkways to houses equipped with rocking chairs filled with your neighbors dressed up as ghouls. You reach into the bowl in front of the door and pull out a sweet treat.…

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