Eco-Friendly Product Reviews

Eco-Friendly, sustainable products for the home, on the go, in the woods, and for your body. We do the research, we do the work, so you don't have to.

Eco-Friendly Product Reviews

Eco-Friendly, sustainable products for the home, on the go, in the woods, and for your body. We do the research, we do the work, so you don't have to.

Sustainable Products for Healthy Living

Responsible Reviews for Responsible. People We do the research so you don’t have to. 

We know that giving your family the best is important to you. We also know that researching these products takes a lot of time. Healthy living is not an easy task but at The Mindful Merchants, we look for companies that care as much as we do about their customers and the planet. Our aim is to bring you the best of the best. Best in quality, best in price, best for the Earth. Learn More about us!

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natural eco-friendly washing machine cleaner

The #1 Best Eco Friendly and Natural Washing Machine Cleaner

By Natasha Evans | June 3, 2021

Everyone who owns a dishwasher knows how surprisingly dirty and, quite frankly gross, it can become. It’s not all that surprising if you think about what our clothes, especially hand towels, socks, and undergarments go through. All of this dirt, dust, pollen and bodily secretions get to run through our washing machines on a regular…

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the best eco-friendly vinyl siding cleaner

#1 Best Vinyl Siding Cleaner | Clean Vinyl Siding Without Chemicals or Pressure Washing

By Natasha Evans | February 16, 2021

Father and son team, Tim and TJ McManaman, knew there had to be a better way to clean green mold and algae from vinyl siding. Other cleaning options include the use of harsh chemicals, dangerously climbing up on a ladder, or power washing. All of the choices are incredibly risky. Harsh chemicals pollute the air…

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insulated travel mugs

5 Insulated Travel Mugs That Are Spillproof and Sustainable To Keep Your Drinks Warm This Winter

By Natasha Evans | December 15, 2020

This winter The Mindful Merchants wants you to be able to bring your favorite hot beverages with you on your morning commute, outdoor game, or whatever adventure brings you joy. So we have collected for you 5 insulated travel mugs that are spill-proof, sustainable, and will keep your drinks warm this winter.  What’s great about…

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eco-friendly winter coats for men

5 Eco-Friendly Winter Coats For Men

By Molly Evans | December 7, 2020

The cold weather is here and it’s time to bundle up. But when you reach for your coat are you aware of the impact it has had on the environment during the making process? Not many people do. What people don’t know is that the fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters in the…

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4 of the Best Eco-Friendly Women’s Down Jackets

By Molly Evans | November 9, 2020

Why buy a quality, eco-friendly women’s down jackets? Quality, functionality, and ethics for a jacket seem to be an even more pressing matter this winter. Having a quality coat that allows you to keep adventuring or going about your daily tasks is needed now more than ever, and with our current climate crisis, an eco-friendly…

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eco-friendly home water filtration systems, eco water bottles, water filter straw hiking, eco-friendly water filter, travel water filters eco water filters

#1 Best Eco Water Filters For The Home and On The Go

By Kevin O'Connell | October 13, 2020

  Ahhh water, the elixir of life. Every living thing on this planet needs water to survive, yet clean water is hard to come by. We can purchase water filters to purify our water from our home, but what if we are on a hike or a long trip? Relying on water bottles is not…

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Yes! Yeti Is Eco-Friendly | The Best Eco-Friendly On The Go Product

By Kevin O'Connell | August 21, 2020

  In search of a great travel mug, we came across Yeti. Popular amongst hikers, boaters, and day drinkers, we thought we would put this company to the test and find out for ourselves if Yeti is Eco-Friendly. ***Spoiler*** the answer is in the title. Although Yeti may not fall under the usual specifications for…

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Healthy Thanksgiving Sides & Ingredients

By Natasha Evans | September 26, 2019

While we prefer food made from scratch using organic, local ingredients, we understand that not everyone is a culinary master, or has access to every ingredient they want at their Thanksgiving table at a farmer’s market. So, we at the Mindful Merchants, are bringing you a list to help create some of your favorite healthy…

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eco-friendly products for the home

100 Eco-Friendly Products for the Home

By Kevin O'Connell | June 24, 2019

Eco-Friendly Products for the home are becoming more and more desirable. Nowadays companies are starting sustainable practices to help lessen their carbon footprint. Although these companies are out there, you may not have the time to do the research. That is why The Mindful Merchants have decided to make this extensive and very helpful list…

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Eco Friendly Speakers & Headphones | 9 Devices by The House of Marley Reviewed

By Kevin O'Connell | November 15, 2018

What is House of Marley? Looking for eco friendly speakers? We know the world is overrun by cheap plastic devices that break once they come out of the package. But amongst the trash a new star rises. House of Marley is the new trail blazer for wireless bluetooth speakers, headphones and even record players. All of…

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