4 of the Best Eco-Friendly Women’s Down Jackets

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    Why buy a quality, eco-friendly women’s down jackets?

    Quality, functionality, and ethics for a jacket seem to be an even more pressing matter this winter. Having a quality coat that allows you to keep adventuring or going about your daily tasks is needed now more than ever, and with our current climate crisis, an eco-friendly down jacket goes along with this necessity.


    Because of COVID-19, people are spending more time outside now than in recent years. One thing comes to mind when thinking about these upcoming fall and winter months… being stuck inside with nothing to do. The mentality of going outside should not be put on hold for these winter months, just simply modified.

    Staying healthy is a package deal with staying warm in the winter months. While incorporating fashion into these realistic ideals when looking into an eco-friendly down jacket for women, it is important to do research to ensure your money is being spent in the right places towards the right thing. Being warm doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style, and being eco-conscious does not mean you have to sacrifice anything you need in a quality jacket. 

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    Burton Women’s Chescott Down Jacket

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    eco-friendly women's down jackets
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    Features of the Burton Women’s Chescott Down Jacket 

    Burtons Women’s Chescott Down Jacket is there to keep you warm, dry, and looking good all while feeling ethically good about your purchase. Burton prioritizes being eco-friendly and sustainable, making it one of the most eco-friendly outdoor brands. They go as far as saying their goals are structured to ensure they will only succeed as a company by first succeeding in sustainability. Burton provides a lifetime warranty and an end of life promise. They aim to repair all returns or downcycle them to avoid adding any materials to a landfill.

    They are constantly actively working to create a more eco-friendly business within all their manufacturing. These eco-friendly women’s down jackets are BlueSign certified, meaning they meet all the standards in manufacturing set by BlueSign that require sustainability in their manufacturing processes.

    It is undoubtedly a great option for eco-friendly priorities. With sustainability covered, fashion and functionality are just as prevalent in the quality of this piece. It features a slim fit with room to move, along with a variety of different color choices that include creme brulee / true penny, deep blue/ teal, port royal, and true black.

    This modern take on classic long jackets provides a fresh and clean look that will make you stand out compared to other ethical women’s down jackets. It also features a removable hood, drawstring adjustable collar, snap closure fleece pockets, ATM pockets that can hold your cards, and a mesh interior dump pocket, allowing for warmth and safety in storing personal items along whatever adventure you embark on.

    This ethical women’s down jacket contains 90/10 RSD down 650 fill which provides lightweight but intense warmth. Given the eco-friendly, fashionable, and function of this piece- there is little to no room for an unsatisfactory purchase. 

    Cotopaxi Women’s Fuego Down Hooded Jacket

     Features of the Cotopaxi Women’s Fuego Down Hooded Jacket 

    Cotopaxi’s Fuego Down Hooded Jacket is a fun, warm, and sustainable women’s down jacket option for this cold season. Cotopaxi, as a brand, holds itself to the high standard of “do good” which is their motto. They encompass this mission by balancing profit and philanthropy. This company not only values sustainability in their products but ethics supporting their whole operation. They do this by donating some of their profits towards fighting poverty in the most underserved nations and remaining strict on every process of making their products, ensuring that they are done with ethics in mind. All their materials are reasonably sourced such as using materials that would otherwise be discarded.

    Along with their philanthropy and sustainability efforts, fashion and fun are one of their highest priorities. This eco-friendly women’s down jacket is a timeless retro piece that provides five varieties of funky colors including black, dark forest stripes (my personal favorite), maritime stripes, submarine stripes, and port stripes.

    Not only will you look good while wearing this, but you will feel good. It features a 800-fill down that allows for prime insulation. It also features a DWR finish, making it water-resistant. The Elastic hem binding makes for a sealed armor against the elements.

    This ethical women’s down jacket also provides the pristine features of 2 interior stash pockets and 2 zippered hand pockets allowing the capability to do just about anything in this jacket. My favorite part of this piece is the included stuff sack that helps pack away this piece in a compact way. For hikes and other adventures that require you to be mobile, this jacket is the perfect option with an emphasis on being eco-friendly.

     Marmot Women’s Highlander Hoody 

    Features of the Marmot Women’s Highlander Hoody 

    This lightweight, eco-friendly women’s down puffer jacket is the perfect way to stay warm through winter adventures. It features a quantum shell, allowing for a lightweight feel while providing significant warmth. The slimness of this jacket not only provides a stylish look when worn on its own but a non-bulky option to put under a shell coat! Along with it’s shaped hem, there are seven color options.

    These range from deep jungle green to wild rose Pink along with black, botanical green, scotch, and corydalis blue. The variety of colors creates an opportunity for something that matches everything. It provides not only a fashion statement but is extremely warm.

    With a 700 fill power down and wind-resistant material, it is insured you will stay warm in cold temperatures. The functionality is also a huge part of this classic piece. With interior chest pockets, you’ll be capable of any adventure in this jacket, whether it be skiing down a mountain or going to the grocery store.

    It also features elastic bond cuffs and an attached hood with an elastic binding that gives protection to the wind and orhery elements. One review exclaimed, “I can fully move my arms and the hood stays on even if you don’t have anything else on your head… — chef’s kiss!”.  The customer reviews show no disappointment in the purchase of this jacket. And the best part? This hoodie is made from 100% recycled polyester mini-ripstop, making it a completely ethical women’s down jacket.

    The North Face Women’s ThermoBall Eco Jacket

    Features Of The North Face Women’s Vegan Thermoball Eco Jacket

    This eco-conscious choice is innovative in its look on sustainability. The coat features 100% recycled polyester insulation with a durable water-repellent (DWR) finish. With a slim fit, the lightweight feel of this coat allows for maximum comfort and flexibility.

    Including an internal secure chest pocket and hand pockets that have stows adds to the versatility of this jacket that provides a prime comfort for hiking, climbing, skiing and other outdoor recreational activities. This eco friendly vegan down jacket is even compressible, making for easy transit wherever your next adventure lays. 

    Given the slim fit, it can be layered for any season easily. It creates a warm barrier between you and any weather with a hem cinch-cord and elastic-bound chords that creates a shield between you and the elements. With synthetic insulation and fabric, this coat is vegan and allergen-free making your ecological footprint minimal while wearing this.

    North Face offers this stylish sustainable piece in an array of different colors including light blue, white, grey, black, brown, taupe green, red, teal, purple, etc. and they even come in options of shiny or matt in most color choices. 

    Why buy an eco-friendly women’s down jacket?

    When choosing to buy from the three eco-friendly women’s down jackets above, you can guarantee three things, 1. The practices used for making these jackets are sustainable and help the environment. 2. The jackets are made to withstand very cold weather. 3. They are built with style in mind.  If you are trying to be more eco-friendly then I strongly suggest you choose a brand that we have listed above.

    Jacket BrandPrice RangeQuick Jump Link
    Burton Women’s Chescott Down Jacket$213.99 – $284.95View Review
    Cotopaxi Women’s Fuego Down Hooded Jacket$250.00View Review
    Marmot Women’s Highlander Hoody$155.99 – $240.00View Review
    North Face Thermoball Vegan Jacket$119.99View Review

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    4 of the Best Eco-Friendly Women’s Down Jackets

    Why buy a quality, eco-friendly women’s down jackets? Quality, functionality, and ethics for a jacket seem to be an even more pressing matter this winter. Having a quality coat that allows you to keep adventuring or going about your daily tasks is needed now more than ever, and with our current climate crisis, an eco-friendly…