Alexa's Skills will make you more eco conscious, and I will tell you how.


Since the boom of the Internet of Things, technology is growing faster than ever. While this is exciting and down right awesome, we must keep in mind the footprint we are leaving behind with all of these devices. Overall the IoT is helping our world become more eco friendly.


Eco Friendly Robots

One of which is a device  that has brought species back from the brink of extinction. In Spain, the Iberian Lynx was saved by using IoT technology.  Experts used collars for geo-mapping the animals’ locations and habits. And because the animals were tracked using less invasive connected drones, the experts were able to help re-establish the Iberian Lynx.


Another example is the Rainforest Connection. Using recycled phones, this company is setting up devices that listen for illegal logging in the forest. Authorities are notified when the sounds are picked up.

How will Alexa's Skills Help Me?

On a smaller scale we are incorporating smart devices into our homes. Smart homes give us insight that help us conserve energy, water, and resources.
Because of companies like Samsung(Read about Samsung's contribution), and  Amazon, we are making the right moves to a more sustainable life.  Alexa's skills for eco friendliness is one way Amazon is helping. One in skill in particular is called Save the Food.

Here’s the deal:

Every year at least 40% of all the food in the United States never gets eaten. Now, knowing this staggering result, take into account the wasted resources used to get this food to your table. The resources to grow the food, energy to transport the food to the store, and your money you used to bring it home are all examples.  On average, a family of four spends $1,500 on food they don't eat! That's insane!!

Alexa's Save the FoodAlexa's Skills skill is designed to help you keep track of the food in your house and store it properly. This skill has been developed to help people improve their environmental behavior. Giving people valuable advice on what they can do to avoid wasting food, therefore will contribute to crafting a healthier and more sustainable world.

Just ask things like:

• Alexa, ask Save The Food how to store grapes.

• Alexa, ask Save The Food if my avocados are still good.

• Alexa, ask Save The Food if wilted celery is okay to eat.

So, enable the Save The Food skill to start saving resources, money, and most importantly, food.

Damn Alexa's got Skills

Another one of Alexa's Skills is the Eco Hack. The Eco Hack turns learning environmental information into a fun game of Truth or Dare. Scientists believe, at our current rate of human population and the use of natural  resources, we will meet our planetary limits by 2100. With Eco Hacks you can engage and inspire kids and adults to make simple changes that have positive effects on the planet.

Eco Score!

GreenScore is another one of  Alexa's Skills. GreenScore is designed to inform people about their cities contribution to green living. For example, the app. will let you know how walkable a city is v.s. how car dependent it is. Similarly, it will tell you how bike friendly a city is. GreenScore also tells you random facts based on the score for their city to conserve energy and promote a green environment.

Going Green with the IoT

The future is here and we are moving fast. The internet of things is all around us and will continue to grow. It is up to us to use these technologies to our advantage. Adapting to some of the ideas can have a huge impact and lead to more environmental friendly living. Small changes, each day, can help protect Earth and create a beautiful home for our future generations! So get yourself an Amazon Echo and  continue your journey  in eco consciousness. For more eco friendly products check out 12 Unique Sustainable Gift  and 11 Sustainable Gift Ideas for Kids.

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