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Posts by Natasha Evans

Healthy Thanksgiving Sides & Ingredients

While we prefer food made from scratch using organic, local ingredients, we understand that not everyone is a culinary master, or has access to every ingredient they want at their Thanksgiving table at a farmer’s market. So, we at the Mindful Merchants, are bringing you a list to help create some of your favorite healthy…

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11 Sustainable Gift Ideas for Kids

Whether it’s for a holiday, a birthday or just because you love them, this following list of 11 sustainable gift ideas will help you buy the kids in your life presents that are both educational and eco-friendly. In no particular order, our choices for this blog include puzzles, bath toys, dolls, building blocks, and more, aimed to please kids…

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Bring Back Trick-or-Treating with Healthy Halloween Treats

As you walk down the street, orange and purple lights twinkle in the dark and spooky music fills the air. Pumpkins carved craftily into faces line the walkways to houses equipped with rocking chairs filled with your neighbors dressed up as ghouls. You reach into the bowl in front of the door and pull out a sweet treat.…

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3 Cheap Eco-Friendly Sunglasses that Won’t Break the Bank

Sunglasses are important and thankfully, growing in popularity. Every year brings more styles and accessibility,  you can even buy them at the grocery store or pharmacy. Unfortunately, due to being small and easily lost, they are treated as a disposable commodity. They are made from plastics and other non-sustainable materials that end up in the ocean, lakes,…

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