11 Sustainable Gift Ideas for Kids

11 Sustainable Gift Ideas for Kids

Whether it's for a holiday, a birthday or just because you love them, this following list of 11 sustainable gift ideas will help you buy the kids in your life presents that are both educational and eco-friendly. In no particular order, our choices for this blog include puzzles, bath toys, dolls, building blocks, and more, aimed to please kids of all ages and ability levels.

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  • About this Product

    • Help to encourage active play and imagination helping to ensure that your toddler has a swimmingly good time!
    •  They blow bubbles when fully submerged underwater 
    • Eco Friendly Toys
    • Help improve cognitive functions
    • Well  Balanced Play
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Begin Again Dunk & Dive Bathtub Characters

The BeginAgain Dunk & Dive Bathtub Characters are a great addition to any child's bath time. This set includes a master diver, a shark, and an octopus. These fun little play time toys blow bubbles when submerged underwater. The Begin Again Dunk & Dive Bathtub Characters are made of all natural rubber with large openings that help the toys dry thoroughly and will prevent mold build up (big perk to this toy)! Along with being made of all natural materials these guys are dishwasher safe. You can put the Dunk and Dive team on the top shelf of the dishwasher. Based out of Fort Collins Colorado, BeginAgain designs eco-friendly and well balanced toys that challenge, teach, and let kids explore. This is one of our  excellent sustainable gift ideas!

  • About this Product

    • Award-winning block puzzle
    • Made with wood harvested from FSC-monitored forests
    • Painted with water-based paints and packaged in a box made of recycled materials
    • Meet European and U.S. safety standards
    • Recommended for ages 2 and up
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Boikido Eco-Friendly Wooden 4 Seasons Block Puzzle

The Boikido Eco-Friendly Wooden 4 Seasons Block Puzzle Dun ta da dun!!! An award winning block puzzle fit for your kid! Winner of the Creative Child Toys of the Year Award, the Parents' Choice Approved Award AND the iParenting Media Award. The 4 Seasons Block Puzzle helps kids learn about the 4 seasons, colors, shapes, developes hand-eye coordination and developing motor skills. This toy is made from harvested wood from the FSC-monitored forests. They are decorated with water-based paints and packed in boxes made with recycled materials. All of the toys made from Boikido meet the European and U.S. safety standards. This sustainable gift is recommended for ages 2 and up.

  • About this Product

    • The smallest, least expensive and first fuel cell car to be powered by saltwater
    • Learn about new forms of clean energy
    • Be awed by the remarkable simplicity and effectiveness of this energy technology
    • 3 magnesium metal sheets included
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DIY Green Energy Salt Water Fuel Power Car

Introducing the salt water fuel cell car vehicle! A toy car that is powered by salt water and fueled by creativity! This car uses magnesium metal sheets to help operate the car. 3 sheets are included and can operate the car for 5-7 hours continuously. Parking the car is simple, all you do is take out the fuel cell module, rinse tap water over it, and dry it! No batteries included, just add salt water. Only two drops of salt water can make this baby run for 200 meters aka 656 feet.

  • About this Product

    • Realistic look
    • Made from 100% post consumer recycled milk jugs
    • Packaged in recycled packaging materials
    • Free of phthalates and BPA
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Green Toys Tool Set, Pink

Handy "fix it up" skills are great  for anyone to know, and it is best to start young. With the Classic Tool Set with an Eco-Friendly Twist you can teach your little ones awesome beginner carpentry skills. The set includes tool box, flat screwdriver, Philips Head screw driver, 2 hole connectors, bolts, nails, hammer, saw, pliers, wrench, and 2 nuts. This product is made from 100% post consumer recycled milk jugs. It is free of phthalates, packed in recycled packaging and is BPA free. That is why it lands at number 4 on our Sustainable Gift Ideas for Kids list.

  • About this Product

    • Increase Exercise 
    • 1 Year Warranty
    • Machine Washable
    • Made in USA: The only one of its kind! Developed, produced, and packaged right here in the USA (By a WOMAN-OWNED COMPANY) proudly keeping jobs local!
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The Eco-Bonk Kid-Tough Inflatable Bop Bag Toy is number 5 on our list of sustainable gift ideas. This cool toy is made up of a machine washable fabric cover that is 3 times stronger than former models. This item is made in the USA from Planet Friendly Wildlife Series. This is the most durable bop toy in the market. The inflatable components are 3 x the average bop it bag, and it is built to last a long time. This is the only earth friendly bop bag of its kind. All of the elements in this toy are made from 100% recycled materials  including the packaging.

  • About this Product

    • Teaches your child elements of food
    • kitchen safety
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Green Toys Sandwich Shop

Nom Nom Nom Nom the Green Toys Sandwich shop makes really cool "do it yourself" sandwiches. You know those important life skills we were talking about earlier? Well this toy fits the bill. Featured in the package are 2 slices of bread, 2 buns, a burger, pickles, onions tomatoes and lettuce. The Green Toy Sandwich is interchangeable with other products from the same company. As foodies, we find this very essential to the development of any child. Each part is made from food-safe, 100% recycled plastic milk containers which saves energy and reduces greenhouse emissions. It is also dishwasher safe! This is listed as number 6 on our 11 sustainable gift ideas for kids list.

  • About this Product

    • Bundle Includes 1 32" Wiffle Bat & 3 Wiffle Baseballs!
    • Made of high quality plastic in the USA!
    • Plastic provides safety to younger players
    • Designed for slow and limited flight.
    • For Ages 3 and up
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Batter Up! Who doesn't love a Wiffle Ball set? Talk about a classic toy! This old school game is fun for the whole family. It is made of high quality plastic made in the U. S. of A. The plastic provides safety to younger players and is allows for slow limited flight. What more can I say about this gem? That is why Wiffle Ball set is number 7 on our 11 sustainable gift ideas for kids list.

  • About this Product

    • Encourages imaginative role play with friends.
    • Features 6 rooms
    • Fully Furnished
    • Solid wood construction

Hape - All Seasons Wooden Doll House, Furnished

This beautiful house is a nice piece for the play room. It encourages imaginative role play in the young minds. It is made with a non-toxic finish, and comes with easy to assemble and clearly illustrated instructions. Fun for all ages but best for 3 to 8 years old, and lands at number 8 on our 11 Sustainable Gift Ideas for Kids list.

  • About this Product


    • Made from non toxic, natural ingredients
    • Safe art product
    • Made in the USA
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Finger Paint - Eco Kids Non-Toxic Natural Paint 

Who doesn't love finger painting? These Eco Kids non-toxic paints are powder based, handmade with natural organic fruit, plant and vegetable extracts from seeds, beets, carrots, cumin, red cabbage, spinach, purple sweet potato, cornstarch, earth clay, and wheat paste. Made in the U.S.A,  this is a safe alternative for your little artist.  This product is recommended for children 2 years and older and is number 9 on our 11 sustainable gift ideas for kids list.

  • About this Product


    • 1000 Piece Puzzle - Completed Size: 20x27
    • Eco-Friendly - Soy-Based Inks - Recycled Board - Made in the USA
    • Interlocking Pieces & Durable Construction
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Sea Turtle World a 1000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle by Sunsout Inc.

Puzzles! Sunsout Inc. has created a beautiful and vibrantly colored aquatic scene. This puzzle, with its great colors and intricate designs, will be a fantastic time for the whole family! Proudly made in the USA with recycled board and Eco-Friendly, Soy-based inks. That is why SunsOuts Jigsaw Puzzle is number 10 on our 11 sustainable gift ideas for kids list.

  • About this Product

    • "happy lion" knit stuffed animal toy.
    • Material: hand knit with cotton yarn.
    • Colored with eco-friendly and non toxic dyes.
    • 12 inch, yellow, brown, white colored.
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"Happy Lion" Knit Stuffed Animal

We don't know about you, but we love lions. And this little guy is just too adorable! Our lion friend is made from 100% hand knit cotton yarn and is colored with non-toxic eco-friendly dyes. It is 12 inches tall and is packaged by Prince of Wales Vegan Shoppe. Lion-O here is soft, cuddly, and ferocious...well kind of.

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It is always nice giving to the ones you love, and it is extra rewarding knowing your gifts are safe for them and the environment. I hope you have found this list of 11 sustainable gift ideas for kids helpful. For more information about sustainable gifts check out this article from PBS! Thanks for stopping by!

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