Soul Flowers’ Eco-Friendly Products have Style, Class, and Love

Soul Flowers' Eco-Friendly Products are made with love

Today we are going to give a shout out to an awesome company that has been spreading the love for years with their eco-friendly products. Soul Flower was founded by Mike and Peggy in 1999 as a way to promote peace, positivity and an eco-friendly life. In the early days, Soul Flower would spread their message out of their small hippie boutique at music festivals. In 2004, after the release of their very own line of clothing using ethically made, environmentally friendly threads, the team closed down the brick and mortar and moved to the world wide web. In 2009, they started producing US made clothing and by 2012 they created their own team of unique print designers to work in-house, keeping Soul Flower funky and fresh. Along with making fashionable, eco-friendly products, the gang at Soul Flower has adopted many green practices such as using eco-friendly shipping materials, recycling, and utilizing green printing techniques. Now that you know a little about the history, let's take a look at some of the unique and great things they do and use in their products!

Eco Friendly Products: The Threads

Soul Flower has many products to offer. Along with clothing for men, women, and children Soul Flower also offers an array of jewelry and accessories.   You can purchase sweatshirts for around $68 dollars, long sleeve shirts for around $45 dollars, and Tee shirts are between $15- $28 dollars. For women, prices are the same but you can find leggings, skirts, scarfs, and blouses. Soul Flower also has handmade backpacks, necklaces, and head bands all between the prices of $12 to $46 dollars.  If you can't wait till the end of this article to start shopping you can check out their full list of products now.


The Soul Flower Eco Guide to Eco-Friendly Products

Soul Flower is very particular with the materials they use. Everything in their line is eco-friendly and ethically made. They use organic materials and recycled fabrics that are much better for the planet than other conventional materials. Their products are mindfully crafted, which we appreciate 😉 and all have a positive story to tell. When purchasing from Soul Flower you will be sure to be buying eco-friendly products that are:


Made with Organic Cotton
Non-GMO organic cotton is soft to the touch and made without harsh chemicals.

Fair Trade
Made under ethical working conditions by artisans being paid a fair wage.

Cruelty Free
No Animals were harmed in the making of these items.

Made in the USA
These products are made right here in the United States of America, this is to ensure the use of local materials.

Recycled Fibers
Often times from plastic bottles, the fibers are super soft and wonderful.

Soul Flower Original
All designs are made by Soul Flower and their talented team of artists.


One of the most incredible plants, hemp revives soil and doesn't need herbicide, pesticide, or fungicide to survive or grow!

Carefully crafted by artisans that take pride in their work and it shows!


Low-impact Dyes
Made without the use of harsh chemicals and with low water waste. This tactic is great for the environment and ensures conservation.

Made from other products to reduce landfill waste.

Giving Back

Along with outstanding product practice, Soul Flower gives back to the community and the environment. Soul Flower gives to such organizations as Second Harvest Heartland, Food Bank of Iowa, Animal Humane Society, Rebuilding Nepal, Camp Courageous, Employee and Family Resources, Conservation Corps of Minnesota and Iowa, and the Lionsgate Foundation. You can find these groovy cats helping the world in every which way. Way to go Soul Flower!

So there you have it, Soul Flower is one hell of a company so what are you waiting for? Go check them out! To find more of their products and to go directly to the source click the big Soul Flower button below.

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